The crew


Jacopo Foresti


A deep-seated pioneer in fishing follows his passion and builds the Jack Fishing Lodge to allow fishermen to find the most sought-after tropical fish. Thanks to her knowledge and her great experience in fishing techniques, Jack Fishing Lodge has been organizing for years a professional service tailored to the needs of the fishermen.


Our History

The Jack Fishing Center was born to offer you an unique experiences, in touch with one of the most beautiful seas in the world, the Indian Ocean. It is very difficult tell Maldives without falling into the usual commonplace. The Indian Ocean has always been one of the most popular exotic tourist destinations in the world that can turn any personal record of unforgettable travel also serves to understand the value of the ecosystem of such a terrestrial paradise. With its white beaches and its crystal clear sea it fully meets the expectations of tourists. Thanks to the vast expanse of Coral Reef Barrier, it is the best place for our sport: Deep-Sea Fishing.

In addition to the extraordinary natural beauty, swimming with a family of marine turtles, whale sharks or with cute dolphins, accepting a dance invitation with a manta or just let yourself be enchanted by hundreds of tiny rainbow fish, what we offer are technologically advanced boats, cutting edge fishing techniques and equipment, an excellent and expert service that will accompany you to places where no other charter ever went before.

The "Jack Fishing Center" is aimed at the care of its customers and that's why it engages every day to study the best to satisfy them and to leave them an unforgettable memory by combining adventure and fun at fishing. That's not all: Jack introduced the "Fly Fishing Lodge" for fly fishing professionals who are keen on catching record fish and looking for a luxurious and dreaming stay. To ensure memorable experiences Jack Fishing Center has chosen for you, boats and equipment at the avant-garde and top of the range in spectacular locations as we are in one of the most unexplored part of our planet is the Indian Ocean. Fishing in the unknown without charge.


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